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Expert Witnesses, Independent Medical Exams
and Other Occupational / Employment Services.

Independent Medical Evaluations, IMEs.  Nationwide physician consultants.  Doctors who perform second opinion exams in all states.

IME Independent Medical Exam info, defense medical experts Superior Independent Medical Evaluation, or IME, services are available to
Board Certified physicians available for IME s save you valuable time, money, and resources. Specializing in full-service,
independent medical evaluations serviceprofessional IME services nationwide, with personal legal attention on each case.
IME companies More Info on Independent Medical Exams,  Request an IME online right now

IME Independent Medical Exam info, defense medical experts Cost effective Occupational / Employment Services are available such as:
Board Certified physicians available for IME s Diagnostic Testing, (including MRIs, X-Rays, CT Scans, EMGs, PET Scans,
independent medical evaluations serviceand more), Drug Testing, FCEs, and Fit for Duty and Return to work exams.

Expert Witnesses for testimony, check our expert witness directory, or call for a referral. We can immediately provide Expert Witness CVs, or credentials, of qualified
Some of our forensic specialties include accident reconstruction, engineering, construction, and economic.precredentialed experts in any specialty or geographic area nationwide. These
Economists are available to calculate damages, also engineering, accident reconstruction, construction and OSHA.expert referrals for expert testimony, reviews for merit, damages calculations,
technical expertsassessments, opinions, etc. are provided at no charge. More on Scientific &
forensicTechnical Expert Witness Referrals

jurissolutions provides technical experts for attorneys.Our dedicated staff will also provide Medical Malpractice or MedMal experts
Medical malpractice expert referralswith special attention to the complexities of your case. Details on Medical
medical specialties include orthopedic and neurologic.Malpractice referrals

A resource of expert witness info for experts, and the legal, medical, insurance, and IME professions.

search our online expert directory. Our Searchable Expert Database provides free access to over 6,000 experts
National referrals from our database are available.and experienced expert witnesses in all 50 states and beyond.
National referrals from our database are available.Search our Expert Directory NowInfo on becoming an expert member.
Litigation support services include any services to aide attorneys in litigation.Browse our Litigation Support Services Directory.

Information concerning expert testimony, IME s, and Independent Medical Exams can be found here. Click to Browse articles, current legal news, information, and links of
National referrals from our database are available.interest to experts, expert witnesses, and the legal and insurance industries.

Click below to join our expert referral directory of witnesses.

Technical and scientific as well as medical and medmal, or medical malpractice, testimony is available for trial or deposition. Join your peers in the largest online database of experts and reach thousands
of potential clients
in search of your services.
Learn what sets us apart   from other expert witness directories / databases.

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A new look for our expanded Independent Medical Examination section,
A new Expert section - the expert you need is a phone call away,
JurisProducts, an online store with select medical, legal, and insurance products,
A new complete Medical - Legal Research page, and best of all:
NEW PRICING for our online database membership - 50% lower fees.

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